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WELCOME TO  Houseplant Care
We take care of all your indoor plant maintenance requirements in St. John's; from consultation, redesign of existing spaces, planting and re-potting, to simply watering your plants when you are unable to...
We charge a very reasonabe price per visit within the St. John's and surrounding area.  You can count on us for fair, trustworthy and expert service!
We also sell many types of attractive, exotic, low-maintenance houseplants.  Many of these can be found on the above page link entitled: "Top 25 Houseplants"

  1. Price: $10
    Price: $10
    We have beautiful Geraniums available in shades of deep lavender and salmon colour.
  2. African Violets
    Price: $10
    African Violets
    We sell a beautiful variety of African Violets in shades of blue, pink and orange.
  3. Rubber Plants
    Price: $10
    Rubber Plants
    We offer very attractive and easy-to-grow India Rubber Plants.
Our Currently Featured Indoor Plants:
We provide only the most beautiful,  hardy, low maintenance plants to help keep the quesswork out of growing indoor plants...
Whatever your indoor plant needs are - whether it's a consultation for something new and original, an updated look for an existing space, or simply maintaining your plants in a healthy condition - we have the complete knowledge and experience to take care of it.
We have a wide selection of exotic houseplants to help you create a beautiful and healthy indoor environment...
Featured Plants:
  1. Adenium Desert Rose
    Adenium Desert Rose
    This plant requires plenty of warmth, sunshine and relatively dry soil conditions to grow well and to prevent root rot. This is a very beautiful plant worth having, as long as you can provide the right growing conditions. Do not place this one on cold window sills.
    Price $15
  2. Good Hope Clivia
    Good Hope Clivia
    This is a very beautiful plant. Clivia is a genus of flowering plants native to southern Africa. They are from the family Amaryllidaceae, subfamily Amaryllidoideae. Common names include Kaffir lily and bush lily. Species of Clivia are found only in South Africa and Swaziland. They are typically forest undergrowth plants and are adapted to low light.
    Price $15
  3. Amaryllis
    The amaryllis is starting to rival the poinsettia as a floral choice for the holiday season. It's a beautiful bulb plant that produces large, colorful bell-shaped flowers and thrives indoors. Amaryllis bulbs get bigger with time, producing more flower stems. Place your amaryllis in a location with diffused light and cool indoor temperatures in the 15 °C (60 °F) range. Keep it barely moist. When you water, be careful not to wet the portion of the bulb that sticks above the soil.
    Price $15
These are some of my favourite plants that we carry.
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We provide professional indoor plant maintenance services and exotic houseplants
- Whether it's a consultation for a new idea, an updated look for an existing space, or just simply watering and caring for your plants when you are not able to - we will gladly handle it!
We offer free consultation within the St. John's Area.  We guarantee to always exceed your expectations!  You can count on us for fair, reliable and expert service!
Want some extraordinarily gorgeous, low maintenance, specially selected plants for your home or office?  Then please contact us:
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